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CMH boundary mapMost of the geographical area is served by Counties Manukau Health (CMDHB) is part of the territorial authority (TA) of Auckland Council.  However, small areas of the southern extent of the DHB are part of Waikato District and Hauraki District territorial authorities. 

Link to map of Counties Manukau Health boundaries.

Click here for our annual update with population projections from Statistics New Zealand, produced specifically for the Ministry of Health with prioritised ethnicity as used in the health sector.

CM Health population

Population demography and needs
  • A range of documents provides information on the demography and health needs of the people of Counties Manukau available on the Health status documents page.   Information is also available in various Counties Manukau Health Planning documents

  • For the purposes of service planning and integration, the area served by CM Health is divided into four localities – Mangere/Otara, Eastern, Manukau and Franklin. 

  • Within each locality, there are two populations of note in relation to planning – the people who live in the locality and the people who are enrolled in primary care practices in the locality. These two populations overlap but are not the same and the variance differs across the localities. 

  • There is information specific to each locality across the Counties Manukau District available under the Localities planning page.

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