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Patient & Whaanau Centred Care Consumer Council

Our Objective: 

To represent the interests of consumers and bring an inpatient and ambulatory consumer and family perspective to development of Counties Manukau Health plans, policies, publications and operational decisions and to raise issues that are being identified in the community.

With regards to involving this group in your next project, programme or strategy, please click here for guidance on working with the council.

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If you have any questions, please either email Debi Higson or phone 021 661 407.

Impact of Council/Highlights

Read Consumer Council update which summarises all their activities for 2015.

Download the 2016 Annual Report

Impacts of Council Council 2016

  • Requests for consumer, whaanau involvement has increased by approximately 50% in the last year.
  • The number of consumers working as partners in projects and programmes within CM Health has increased by 20%. approx.
  • The Consumer Council have held 19 meetings since its establishment and every meeting has had a full agenda which illustrates the growth of the council, and the support for the work that it achieves in partnership with CM Health. 
  • The number of staff seeking guidance from the Consumer Council has significantly increased in the last 12months. 
  • We have created a focussed pathway for community perspectives to be brought to the organisation.
Members of the Consumer Council have been leaders or active partners in a range of activities including:
  • Patient experience week 2015/16. Activities here included a Listening café where Council members and other consumers shared personal experiences with students, to help them understand patient and whaanau experience. Participation in activities within the Empathy zone to enable staff to better understand some of the experiences that patients and whaanau have.
  • Provision of advice and guidance, from a non-clinical perspective, into the formal Service Credentialing audit and review process 
  • Active contribution into the Values and Strategy Refresh for CM Health
  • Provision of the consumer perspective for the Healthy Together 2020 Strategic Plan. Support so that the organisation obtained a balanced view of the requirements from staff, consumers and whaanau.
  • Co-development and active participation (actors) for the Communication video (staff training tool) created as part of Patient Experience week
  • Participation in workshops during the development of the Health Quality Safety Commission guide to consumer engagement. Partners in Care
  • Providing support to the Middlemore Foundation which raises charitable funds for CM Health community. This included street appeal collections, ongoing support for campaigns- supporting Kidz First.
  • Providing consumer perspective and lived experience, into projects and programmes including:
    • Cancer research project, End of life Planning programme, Health Equity
    • Submission and acceptance of APAC Forum poster, “Consumers as leaders-New partnerships in Healthcare”, co-designed with Consumer council members and staff. 
    • Chair of Consumer Council attending APAC Forum.
    • Member of the NZ Consumer Council network
    • We have members working within ten CM Health and two localities project/ steering groups as at 1st September 2016.  See spread of expertise diagram (page 14)
    • Winter Wellness team presented to the deaf community at a forum in May. This forum was organised by one of our Council members and supported by Deaf Aotearoa. 

Meeting dates for 2016/17

Consumer Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at Middlemore Hospital 2 - 4pm:

For more information, please see our Consumer Council Members page or contact Debi Higson or phone 021 661 407.

Meet our Consumer Council

  • Rosalie Glynn (Chair of the Inaugural Consumer Council)
  • Sophie Tauhara
  • Samantha Barber
  • Tevita Havea
  • Lyn Davis
  • Ezekiel Robson
  • Barbara Broome
  • Debbie Siau
  • Rosina Taueki
  • Zhengxiu Xie
  • Renee McFadyen

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Marianne Scott- Master Planner -  Improving End of Life Care Project

We approached the Consumer Council to support us on the Improving End of Life Care Project in mid 2015. We felt it was important to have consumer input as this is a difficult time for patients and their whaanau, and we felt that they could ensure we were meeting everyone’s needs.   After a warm reception at the Consumer Council meeting our invitation was extended to invite members to indicate their interest in joining either the Working Group or Project Board.  

This process took a bit longer than we had hoped however it was worth waiting!  We were informed that four members had put their names forward and we were provided with their background and contact details.  After discussing their interest and experience with each of them, three were selected – one for the Project Board, and two for the Working Group.  We had not expected two members to join the Working Group however as the project has been in a busy period and meeting more frequently, having two members has allowed one or both to attend as they are available.  

The project had been operating for several months when the consumers joined us and we provided them with background information and pre reading to bring them up to speed.  While this is a clinical project we were determined that it would not be a tick box exercise to have consumers on board and that we would invite full and active participation from them.  The benefits of having consumer voices have been significant.  Throughout our work together we have kept bringing ourselves back to the essence of the project which is that the patient and their family/whaanau’s perspective of their end of life care is the determinant of success.  The consumer members have been very quickly able to tell us what will and won’t work and given us guidance along the way.  It has been a good reminder in our clinical discussions to remember the patient, and that is the voice that the consumers provide us with.  

“The Consumer council was extremely valuable in our agreement towards gaining approval from Health and Disability Ethics Committee (HDEC) for the deferred consent study protocol”- Clinical Nurse Specialist.

“A Balanced spread of consumer perspective that would be challenging to manage through numerous channels”- Master Planner.

“We consider equity and diversity when providing feedback to CM Health, normalising involving patient and whaanau experience into all projects from an early stage.” -Council Member.