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Research Week 1 for web

Research Week sheds light on Maaori and Pacific patient experience

Posted by Patricia Hayward | Ko Awatea on 27 June 2017 |

Four novel research studies investigating patient experience were presented as part of Counties Manukau Health’s Research Week.

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Grand Round02

Celebrating the achievements of nurses and midwives

Posted by Barbara Bruchert | Communication Advisor for Ko Awatea on 24 May 2017 |

The work and dedication of nurses and midwives were celebrated last week at the Nursing Ground Round at Ko Awatea with talks and presentations about the initiatives they head across Counties Manukau Health (CM Health).

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Patient talking with staff codesign etc for web 2

New paper shares patient perspective on engagement in co-design

Posted by Patricia Hayward | Ko Awatea on 10 May 2017 |

A Ko Awatea paper published in the Patient Experience Journal shares the perspectives of patients and healthcare professionals on engagement in co-design projects.

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Mapping patient journeys to improve patient experience

Posted by Olivia Anstis & Dr Jodie Main | Registered Psychologist on 7 April 2017 |

Patient journey maps collate the experience and interactions of patients with the healthcare system and represent them in a visual way. They identify key points in the patient journey where interactions are suboptimal or there are gaps in what the patient needs. Using these insights, patient journey maps inform the co-design of an optimal patient journey which addresses problem areas to drive improved outcomes.

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What it feels like to walk in your patient's shoes

Posted by Renee Greaves | Patient and Whaanau Care Advisor on 7 April 2017 |

Empathy and understanding. This is what a number of students and staff reported feeling after participating in Sharing Experiences events at Ko Awatea last week.

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patient exp

Patient experience under the spotlight

Posted by Patient Whaanau Care Advisor on 21 March 2017 |

About 100 Counties Manukau Health clinicians heard from three different speakers at the Patient Experience Grand Round held at Ko Awatea recently.

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PWCC 2016

Call out for new consumer council members

Posted by Renee Greaves | Patient Whaanau Care Advisor on 10 March 2017 |

Could you contribute to our vision of providing care that is truly patient and family/whaanau centred?

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Patient Experience Logo

Shared care consumer advisory group

Posted by Renee Greaves | Patient Whaanau Care Advisor on 6 March 2017 |

A great opportunity for a consumer/whaanau to become involved with a developing area in health – Shared Care – as a consumer representative.

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Empathy Zone

Posted by Renee Greaves | Patient and Whaanau Care Advisor on 6 March 2017 |

Empathy is what we experience when we feel another person’s pain or joy.  It is our ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and form some understanding of what they are feeling.

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Listening to patient and staff experience and placing CM Health values at the heart of what we do

Posted by Jacqui Wynne-Jones | CND Surgery, Anaesthesia, Perioperative and MMC on 3 March 2017 |

Jacqui Wynne-Jones, CND Surgery, Anaesthesia, Perioperative, and MMC, is a co-creator and the lead facilitator of the Leadership Ward Rounds which sit under the Patient/Whanau centred care programme. The rounds have been running since 2014, and in that time hundreds of staff and patients have been interviewed, all inpatient areas have been visited, and most have been revisited.

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