Supporting a social investment approach

Posted by CEO Blog on 28 October 2016 |

This week the Minister for State Services announced a newly established South Auckland Social Investment Board to improve the livelihoods of our most vulnerable children. South Auckland is a young, diverse and growing community, however within that community, are families finding it hard to make ends meet and at risk children, facing abuse and neglect. In response the South Auckland Social Investment Board (SIB), which includes social, health, justice and community agencies will work together to improve outcomes - firstly focusing on 1500 at-risk children and their families living in Mangere.

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katie smith small2

Lessons from 46 years in health

Posted by CEO Blog on 20 October 2016 |

Recently I attended the retirement celebration for Kathie Smith, Service Manager for ORL, Ophthalmology and Audiology.  The high esteem with which Kathie is regarded was demonstrated by the large turn-out of people, from all areas of our organisation.

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Love your bones

Posted by Leigh Haldane, Fracture Liaison Service Coordinator at CM Health on 19 October 2016 |

Hi, I’m Leigh Haldane and I’m the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Coordinator here at CM Health. FLS is a new service that was set up to identify, investigate and arrange interventions for patients with osteoporosis. We’ve been in operation since February this year and we already have more than 550 patients on our database. That’s 550 people who are now ‘loving their bones’ more than they would have without our intervention. When you consider that worldwide, one in three women and one in five men aged 50 years and over will suffer an osteoporotic fracture, it makes loving your bones something we should all be doing.  Seeing as it was World Osteoporosis Day yesterday, I want to use this blog post to tell you about our service, introduce you to one of our patients, and impart some advice for better bone health.

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A very modern problem

Posted by CEO Blog on 6 October 2016 |

Most of us go to great lengths to keep our homes safe and secure.  For some this may mean a locked front gate, an alarm, security lights, or maybe even cameras to monitor your property remotely.  For your valuables the level of protection may be increased by keeping them locked away in a safe. The success of you protecting your home is dependent on all layers of protection being in place, and working. If you have an alarm – make sure it is on, and don’t leave the front door open!

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giving elderly a voice

Giving the elderly a voice, when they can’t speak for themselves

Posted by Mark Fisher on 3 October 2016 |

One of the things we all have in common is that we are all going to grow old.  If we are lucky we will remain physically and mentally well, which means being able to make our own decisions and have control over our lives.  However, have you considered what happens if you can no longer make decisions on your behalf due to dementia or some other illness?

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Great care everywhere - APAC Forum 2016

Posted by CEO Blog on 20 September 2016 |

This time last week, some 1500 health and care change-makers travelled from over 30 countries to ‘explore new frontiers’ and ‘design a blueprint for a healthy future’ at this year’s APAC Forum in Sydney, Australia.

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Papakura Primary

Giving kids a 'fair go'

Posted by CEO Blog on 30 August 2016 |

In a previous blog, I spoke about Dr Lance O’Sullivan, who is working in the health equity area.  Helping to support that work is an exciting project calledKootuitui kiPapakura, which is tackling the issue of equity head on by helping the children of Papakura to have the same opportunities as other children in New Zealand.

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mana kidz

Mana Kidz programme helps reduce Rheumatic Fever rates

Posted by Communications Team on 15 August 2016 |

TVNZ | The housing crisis is being blamed for a sudden rise of rheumatic fever cases in the Auckland region after years of decreasing rates.

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3d printing techniques

Doctors hail 'incredible' surgery

Posted by Communications Team on 12 August 2016 |

NZ Herald.  Sunday August 7 | A throat cancer sufferer has a new jaw, created with the help of innovative 3D printing techniques - the first Kiwi to benefit from the cutting-edge technology.

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Lungs on loan

Posted by Team Counties on 9 August 2016 |

I started smoking when I was 15.  I had just started work, which meant I could afford to buy my own cigarettes. Back then there were no known concerns or warnings about smoking.

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