The story of our District Health Board

Posted by CEO Blog on 8 December 2016 |

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Our Quality Accounts are just as important as our financial accounts. Where our financial accounts tell us how we are using our money, the Quality Accounts tell us a great deal about how we are living up to the ‘granny test’ and providing the care we would wish for our loved ones to receive. In my time here I have always said that clinical quality is the only game in town. At the end of the day providing safe and high quality care to our patients is a key priority and while the Quality Accounts tell us how we are doing, it also tells a great story about how we continue to improve the care we provide. That’s a huge testament to everyone’s hard work. To tell us more about the Quality Accounts I’m joined by Gloria Johnson, Chief Medical Officer and Jo Rankine, Quality Assurance Manager.

The Quality Accounts is the most important document we publish each year and that’s because it tells the story of our District Health Board. It highlights our commitment to evidence-based quality improvement, what improvements are needed and how the public and local communities play a part in making health services better and more responsive.

So why should you take time out from your busy schedule and put this on your must-read list for this year? Here are our top six reasons:

  • The Quality Accounts have something for everyone. Regardless of where you work or what you do, there will be something of value in here for you.
  • Most people like to have their efforts recognised – and that’s what the Quality Accounts aim to do. There’s some amazing work happening across our organisation and community that you should be proud of and know about.
  • The Quality Accounts re-enforce that many heads are better than one. Our commitment to helping people stay well in the community means we partner with a range of organisations to support healthy lifestyles, on topics as diverse as smoking, alcohol and immunisation.
  • The Accounts highlight some of the areas that have made a significant improvement, for example – pressure injuries, venous thromboembolism (VTE) and Safety in Practice.
  • We recognise that consumers have a unique perspective of health services and that’s why over 1000 patients have shared important information about the experience of care they receive. Highlighted in the Accounts is the work of the Consumer Council – a group of consumers who represent the interests of patients and their families.
  • Last but not least, the Quality Accounts is an easy read, with content provided by people who work across the organisation. It’s rich in content and includes key insights, achievements and feedback from people use our services. Most of all it shows our commitment to achieving health equity so everyone has the same life chances to live healthier lives.

Please take the time to read the Quality Accounts. Each year more and more people want to contribute which demonstrates just how much we have achieved. If you have any ideas for how we can better display the Quality Accounts for 2017, we would love to hear from you. Just get in touch with Jo Rankine via email: The Quality Accounts can be found here