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Posted by Geraint Martin on 30 November 2016 |

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Today was the last meeting of our current Counties Manukau District Health Board, which means saying good bye to some great board members who have been guiding our DHB over the past few years. In particular I’d like to acknowledge the great work, support and leadership from Dr Lee Mathias, who has been our Chair for the past three years. It’s a real honour to hand over my blog to Lee to reflect on her time at CM Health.

Unfortunately my term at Counties Manukau District Health Board has come to an end.  This provides an opportunity for me to reflect on all we have achieved and all that there is still left to do.  Over the past three years, I have been delighted to be given the opportunity to support the leadership team – that is what good governance is all about.

CM Health, under Geraint Martin’s leadership, has demonstrated that transformational change can be undertaken, in a planned and orderly way, even in the most challenging of environments. Our population present with a never ending demand on services in extraordinarily complex situations. This has the effect of galvanising all of those who work at CM Health to serve our community, to be excellent and kind.

The transformation, from the Best in Australasia to Healthy Together 2020, seeks to support our population to experience the health they deserve, know what good health looks like, and through our professional support and their own participation, live every day in their community healthier than the one prior.

The future focus will be on attaining and maintaining a stable positive health status, which will be underpinned by sustainable access to relevant technology by the health professionals charged with this care. Much of the activity for chronic disease and those people who are at risk is undertaken in the community through our localities. It is my observation that the focus of care for diabetes services, one of our biggest services, is now in the community. For that you can be very proud.

This is the way of the future. No longer will the 20th century model, underpinned by medical interventions, be the default model for healthcare services. CM Health will continue to question and seek out confirmation from the literature and change models of care which give the health outcomes desired by patients. These are the characteristics of 21st century healthcare.

The culture at CM Health is strong. Stick to your resolve to be leaders and change-makers serving your community; you do it well and deserve all the recognition given. I am proud of what has been achieved and will continue to take an active interest in the transformation as it continues.

On behalf of CM Health we wish Lee and our outgoing Board members well in the future and thank them for their valuable contribution. Next year I look forward to working with our new CMDHB Chair, Dr Lester Levy and our Board colleagues in what I believe will be an exciting and positive time. The new Board will meet for the first time in February 2017.