Counties Manukau DHB funds a range of services provided by community pharmacies:

  • Haumanu Pharmacy is located in Pataka Place and offers are range of services to the community:

    • Prescription medicines supply
    • Advice for common health problems
    • Professional advice for over the counter medicines and natural health products
    • Range of toiletries and cosmetics

Pharmacist led professional service such as emergency contraception, urinary tract infection treatment, sildenafil prescribing.  We invite you to come and visit our state of the art facilities and meet our great culturally diverse team – ready to assist  you with all your health needs.

Pharmacists ensure prescriptions are dispensed correctly and are appropriate for you. They can help you understand how your medicines work and how to take them effectively. Pharmacists can also provide advice and treatment on common concerns.

Long Term Conditions 

Pharmacists can identify clients who qualify for focused care under long term condition (LTC) rules. These clients are likely to have complex co-morbidities and / or have difficulties with medicine compliance. An objective assessment tool to aid pharmacists in identifying clients for LTC has been developed. Doctors can refer clients to be assessed for eligibility for the LTC service by indicating this on the prescription (e.g. "refer for LTC assessment"). Other health professionals may also refer clients for LTC assessment, as can family members or the clients themselves.

Pharmacists will be funded to assist in the management of the clients, and one of the outcomes will be to determine the dispensing frequency of their medicines. If clients are compliant with their medicines and do not require special care, it is likely that the pharmacist will reduce the dispensing frequency. Clients need to give permission to be under LTC care. 

Pharmaceutical Subsidy Card 

The Pharmaceutical Subsidy Card (PSC) allows the cardholder and named family members to pay a lower amount on government prescription charges.  The purpose of the card is to help people who face high prescription charges but who do not have a Community Services Card (CSC) or a High Use Health Card (HUHC). There is no income testing. The PSC is also known as a Safety net card, Prescription subsidy card, Exception card or discount card. 

What do you get from a PSC?

In the case of a family with a PSC and a CSC or a HUHC, there will be no further $5 prescription charges for the rest of the year starting from the date the PSC is issued and until the following 31st January. For all other families with the PSC the prescription charge is reduced.

The card does not cover herbal remedies, supplements that are not classified as medicines, or medicines that you can buy over the counter (that is, without needing a prescription). For more information click here

Medicines use review (MUR) service

Counties Manukau developed an initiative designed to complement and enhance its Chronic Care Management program. 

Medicines Use Reviews enable community pharmacists to work with people who are taking complex medicine regimens and have difficulty managing their medications. The pharmacist ensures the individual has access to the medicines they need, and has the tools, information and understanding to enable them to take their medicines as prescribed by their doctor.

Accredited community pharmacists who provide this service can access the latest information on the program through Information for Service Providers.

  • Click here for service specifications
  • Click here for information on service providers

Warfarin Education Programme

Warfarin is an oral anticoagulant used to prevent and treat thromboembolism. The narrow therapeutic index of this medication coupled with the considerable intra- and inter-patient variability in response markedly complicate management. Clinically significant adverse events can result from under- or over-anticoagulation, namely thromboembolism or significant bleeding respectively.  Learn more...