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Be a flu fighter!

Immunise yourself and your family against the flu and protect all the generations.

Influenza, ‘the flu’, can be anywhere. It is easy to catch through coughs and sneezes. 

Young children, babies, pregnant women and older people are more likely to get sick with the flu. Many people don’t know they have the flu as they do not feel ill. But they can still pass it on and make other people very sick. The best way to protect yourself and your whaanau is by having a flu vaccination every year. This helps your body protect itself from flu.

Help stop the spread of flu in your community. Ask your family doctor or your local pharmacy about the flu vaccine. It may be FREE for you.

To find a pharmacy nearest you, click here. For more information on the Influenza vaccine, please visit fightflu.co.nz

Helpful resources

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